Peter's Twrch Report

Date of Paddle: 27/01/2018

River: Twrch

Really nice club outing today along the Afon Twrch, Suzi, Bob, Marcus, and myself, Jeff as rescue coordinator !. River levels low at 0.6 on the gauge, could really of done with more water, will know better for next time. Nice walk up to ten put in, gives you the chance to look at the river before running it. We put in just beyond the stack for the old lime works. Great fun running the boat wide first bit down a very bouncy section before we started the river properly. Seal launch down the grass over a rock slab and into the river just for giggles...let the fun commence. Bit more boat control required this week, pick your lines carefully and control the boat to stay on course. Nice bouncy sections, good practice for hitting those eddies, and a rock slide to finish. Fab day good company all round. Everyone paddled well, all off the river safe and happy.